Get the best sunglasses for your face shape

Are you tired of buying sunglasses that simply do not flatter your face or what you're wearing? Ever notice how some people just look great in a pair of sunglasses? Its because their sunglasses compliment their face shape. First thing's first, you need to determine your face shape, and then follow our guide for the best style sunglasses to suit your shape!

Round Face Shapes

Rounder face shapes are well complimented by square and rectangular styled sunglasses. Ideally you want a frame that has nice sharp lines and avoid and curvatures. It will make your face look longer and thinner.

Square Face Shapes

Broad foreheads and strong jaw lines make up a square shaped face. Oval-type frames or aviators round out the features for a more balanced look. Round lenses are also a great look for square shaped faces.

Oval Face Shapes

Oval faces have got to be the most diverse shape because every style will look good on this face! We all have one of those friends, don't we? Stay away from thick frames that cover your symmetrical features and go for something that covers eyebrow to above the cheekbone.

Diamond Face Shapes

Narrow jawlines and smaller foreheads make up the diamond-shaped face. Oval shaped lenses and rimless frames will complement this shape best. Keep the frames no wider than the cheekbones for the best style.

Heart Face Shapes

Heart-shaped or triangular shaped faces are perfect for aviators, rimless and cat-eye glasses. Anything with a rounded edge will flatter this face shape and give the wearer a more balanced look.

Choose from an amazing selection under accessories to flatter every face shape, fashion style and budget! Before buying another pair of throw-away sunglasses, consult your face shape and you'll always look your best in a pair of shades.


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