Look great in a swimsuit no matter what shape your body!

Love it or hate it, beach time means bathing suit time. It doesn't have to be a love-hate relationship if you know how to flatter your shape with the right fit. Here's a quick guide to body shape and the pieces that flatter your figure!

Apple Shaped Bodies

An apple frame is widest around the waist area. What you want to look for is a bathing suit that has shirring up the sides or a criss-cross pattern with wrap details across the middle. High-waisted designs are great to give the illusion that you have legs for miles.

Pear Shaped Bodies

Pear-shaped bodies are wider through the hips with a smaller bust. Accentuating the bust area with a plunging neckline, bright colors and/or ruffles. Thicker bottoms like brief-style are perfect for pear shaped bods.

Athletic Builds

Some thinner-shaped girls may have a straight, athletic-build type body. With proportionately small hips and busts you want something that has embellishments, frills and even cut-out details. Patterns that create an hourglass look are especially flattering.

Hourglass Bodies

For those with a fuller hip, small waist and larger bust you want swimwear that will accentuate your curves, not hide them. Retro-style suits are super cute on this body shape. Halter tops and color blocking are also a perfect pair for this shape.

Different swimwear styles trend each year, but if you keep these cuts and shapes in mind when you shop, you can find the bathing suit that looks amazing for your body type no matter what style is in fashion. Shop Beach Blondes swimsuits now to find what's trending and what flatters!


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