Classic Must-Have Beach Accessories

Never head to the beach unprepared again with these 6 Classic Must Have Beach Accessories

You have less than 3 seconds to grab something on your way out the door as your best friend pulls up at your front door and says "Lets Go, I'm taking you to the beach." If you are not already prepared with your beach bag, here are 6 top beach accessories you must have on-the-ready for an impromptu beach trip.


An absolute must-have for fun in the sun. They are a great fashion accessory and protect your eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays (UV rays) even on cloudier days. They will also protect you from getting sand in your eyes. Check out our guide for the best shaped-sunglasses for your face.


Hats are a staple at the beach. Whether you are into round floppy hats with wide brims, or baseball caps to shield your eyes and nose from the beating sun, or just a cute and stylish fedora. Whatever your style, choose a hat that matches your swimwear and you'll be mastering the head-turning, must-have beach accessory on your next trip to the beach!

Beach Towels

Whether you're chic or geek, you can make a statement with a unique beach towel. Of course a towel is a must-have for the beach, however find a style that is all your own. Match your swimwear or choose a bohemian pattern or go with loud prints or neon stripes. No one will mistake your towel this summer!

Beach Jewelry

Add a touch of sparkle to your sun-kissed skin. Gold, rose gold or even silver pulls any beach outfit together with very little effort. Make a statement with beach jewelry, and make it your must-have beach accessory.


Protecting your most valuable asset, your skin should already be on your list of priorities.Feeling the warmth of that golden sun on your face is enough to relax the deepest parts of your soul. Moisturizing and sunblock will help you enjoy the elements, and your skin a little while longer. Never forget sunblock.

Beach Bags

Choosing the right beach bag should never be a last minute decision. Its the piece that pulls everything together, an essential - stylish must have beach accessory. Besides, this is what you'll put all the other 5 "must-have beach accessories" in! Leave the crumpled misshapen bags in the depths of your closet and choose something fresh with a personal style.

The next time your friend pulls up, relax and grab your bag with your classic must-have beach accessories and get some serious style points! No matter what your plans are for the beach, you won't leave home unprepared again.

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